Jet Ski Algarve

Jet Ski Algarve – Welcome and “all aboard” your next adventure!

jet ski algarve rentalJet Ski Algarve rental guided tour is an adrenaline packed experience, which lets you discover the amazing coast of the Algarve and visit world famous spots such as the “Benagil” cave.

You commence your journey at the “Portimao” yacht club with our experienced guide, who will navigate the jet ski and bring you to one of the best spots the south of Portugal has to offer along its coast.  The maximum capacity of passengers is 2 persons and we will stop along the way for you to take a swim in the Atlantic ocean. We can also organize tailor made tours according to your needs. The basic tour takes approximately 3 hours and has lots of amazing selfie opportunities.

The price per person is €150 and includes all the safety gear and a special surprise. To book send us an e-mail to: [email protected] or call / whats app +351 xxxxxxxxx

Start times:

Morning 10am – 1pm

Afternoon 3pm – 6pm

The tour will take you along:

Farol da Ponta do Altar

Praia dos Caneiros

Praia da Afurada

Praia do Mato

Torre da Lapa

Praia de Carvoeiro

Algar Seco

Praia do Vale Centeanes

Praia do Benagil

Benagil Cave

Praia da Marina

Praia de Albandeira


Jet Ski Algarve: Are you ready to take a ride here

Jet Ski is a propelled small vehicle that skims on the water surface and rides like a motorcycle. Are you looking to spend some time and enjoy the Jet Ski Algarve then it is the best place. You need to get ready to take sliding on the Atlantic Ocean with a Jet Ski as it is very pleasant and refreshing to make your vacations memorable in the Algarve. The best way to get Jet Ski is to find rentals in the Algarve.

If you are in the Algarve on your vacations and want to make the fun and refreshing mind by spending time on the ocean then Algarve is the best place. Beaches and the ski diving places in the Algarve are best in all over Portugal. You just need to pack the swim trunks, move to a beach in Algarve and enjoy the taste of the best Jet Ski Algarve with a freedom of ride in the water.

You can enjoy the great views of the caves and the beaches through Jet Ski and you can see life on the coastline of the Algarve. You need a certificate or license to drive the Jet Ski in Algarve that is suitable for two people. You need to get the safety and driving training before operating it and continue this until you comfort to operate. Take your friend or partner and move to enjoy the waves of the water.

There are the same steps to follow to take the Jet Ski Algarve which is necessary to know for you. You can get Jet Ski from the Algarve beaches or diving spots at any time but the conditions of the sea must be suitable to dive in so that you may remain safe while enjoying your drive. You can get a jet ski on rent at a very reasonable price and you can take one person with you in the same price. You can also select a jet ski in different models with its speed limits to enjoy.

You need not forget to take some important things with you before going to the Jet Ski Algarve as there is no need to take tickets but keep your reference number to remain safe for any inconvenience. You should keep a sunscreen, a towel and the swimming gear with life safety jackets. Food and drinks are not necessary as you can take these from the cafes and bars on the beach if needed. Moreover, the service providers require you to reach before the given time and check the complete confirmation details before moving.

Jet Ski in the city of Algarve is very famous than the other cities of Portugal as the water here is much clearer and beaches are fantastic to enjoy your time with your families and loved one. You can easily spend nightlife with the partner and in day enjoy the taste of the Jet Ski driving on the waves and water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Jet Ski Algarve: 5 important things to Ride here

Safety comes first either you are doing any work in life that is for fun or recreation. The same thing applies to the Jet Ski Algarve that you are doing this fun thing the first time then you must keep in mind some things which are necessary to keep your life safe from any danger.

These are some important things you must know and keep in mind either you are new to drive a jet ski; you have done this before for some time. This will help to keep you safe from the danger of having great fun on the surface of the water.

1) Try to keep Jet Ski Straight!

If you want to have fun on the beach through Jet Ski Algarve, you must get training to drive it. Newbie always find it difficult to keep it straight as they did not have control over it to keep balance. To make it straight is very easy as you try to look on the drivers they always keep their focus on the front of the Jet Ski instead of looking upper side or around. This thing will enable you to remain straight and enjoy your trip.

2) Try to keep away from danger using the throttle:

Jet Ski Algarve is an amazing experience for the people and for you as well if you love to drive on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. You need to select the Jet Ski which works on the machine to keep it steer not move side to side and make it go forward. Try to keep the machine in control and not to diminish it or slow down as there is no rubber below it and if you will keep it slow then you will completely lose it.

3) How can you re-board your Jet Ski?

You have seen that some people fall from the Jet Ski and this is a usual thing to happen. To get re-board is easy; you need to go near the handle of the Jet Ski and keep yourself behind the seat then push your body on the back deck of the machine if you are two people. If you are driving, it alone then keeps slow it by not making the rush and jump on the back side to climb.

4) Keep Relax! If you are feeling hurt!

If you are new to drive jet skit then you will feel your hands are very tired and also feel a little bit pain in your shoulders. The reason is that you are new and not holding it properly while the right way is to lean slightly forward and keep your grip relax by bending your elbows as well.

5) Hold Not Too Tight!

If you are driving Jet Ski and having a partner behind you then the best way for him are to hold your waist or your life jacket. He must keep in mind that not hold too tight as this will make you difficult to drive.

Necessary things for rental Jet Ski Algarve

If you want to enjoy and make your summer vacation memorable then you need to take on rent Jet Ski Algarve. It is the best way to live your life in a very stylish and luxury way during your summer vacations. You need to take the three seater ski if you are enjoying with your family in Algarve. It provides you the best control and you can enjoy the best time with your loved one along the coastline of the beach with impressive views. After you get your safety jackets and instructions, get your jet ski in the water and enjoy a thrilling ride on the surface of the water of Atlantic Ocean.

When you get Jet Ski Algarve on rental and feel that you are now confident to keep it handle than more to grab its throttle move in the water surface. Let your appetite increase for the amazing adventure and try to conquer the waves of the Atlantic by crashing these with your high speed. You can also enjoy the ride in a slow mode side by a cruise and see the beautiful sights of the coastline of the Algarve. After enjoying your ride in the daytime, get back to the marina to enjoy the taste of the nightlife in Algarve with your family or someone special.

You can select different Jet Ski to enjoy the drive in the beautiful water of the Algarve beaches, and you can also choose a fantastic place that is Vilamoura Marina. You need to select Jet Ski Algarve in the rental basis minimum for 30 minutes or for one hour and made the zipping way across the waves of the water. If you are with friend or family then try to new stylish Jet Ski with three seats.

You can get Jet Ski in the Algarve on a rental basis by choosing a time frame that how much time you want to drive in the sea and enjoy with your partner or family. You will also provide the rules and regulations to operate the Jet Ski in the water so that you may keep control of it.

You need to pay an extra amount of €100 as a safety or security surcharge that is payable at the time of taking Jet Ski on rent and this amount will refund after your drive will be finished. Most rental service providers of Jet Ski Algarve ensure the booking in the forty-eight hours. Moreover, this rental service is available to provide the Jet Ski only for the adults, not for children or young guys below the age of 18.

It is not recommended for the people who have the problems in their back system and pregnant women cannot drive it as it could be dangerous for her baby. A confirm amount of the security deposit deducted after the confirmation of the booking and also a valid passport is also required for the age confirmation. Keep safe the reference number of your booking voucher as it holds the all-important requirements for rental a Jet Ski.